What we put in the word authenticity?

As manufacturer of exclusive products made by one of the most precious and rare wool in the world, we place great emphasis on authenticity.

Limited access to the wool making it a very exclusive ownership. Traditionally cashmere is featured as the diamond of textiles. This has unfortunately make “piracy” lucrative, and there are today many fake products in the market. For us it is important that our customers should be confident that we choose the best raw materials for our products.

The same applies in customized products. Our supplier regularly send our products to one of the few independent test diagnostic labs in the world (SGS Lab test) outside the country of production for verification of authenticity. This is a special lab who can judge whether cashmere contains the qualities it should have to meet the requirement of the highest quality and authenticity. Same applies also to our tailored products like men and women suits.

Ever wondered about your “Italian suit” if it is actually the real deal? For us it is important that the customer can trust the material choices we have made on their behalf and ourselves.