Ethical trade

Our suppliers company has ethical trade in focus, and is a member of the Ethical Trading Initiative. ETI’s purpose is trade collaboration that ensures human rights, labor rights, environment and development. We see that the textile industry should be more ethically responsible for development in other parts of the world and sees this as a natural part of our social responsibility.

Ethical trade contributes to improvements in working and environmental conditions in the supply chain, and it is therefore natural that we require our suppliers, not only nationally, but also globally. Ethical Trading Initiative ETI is a resource center and a driving force for ethical trade.

The purpose is cooperation for trade which promotes human rights, labor rights, environment and development.





As a member of the IEH we adopted a Code Of Conduct / Code of Ethics. These are based on international standards, national laws and regulations on human rights, labor rights and environmental protection.

The purpose of this code of ethics is to develop and establish an ethical and environmentally friendly standards in our supply chain. The Code of Conduct clearly defines our principles and requirements for us and our suppliers.