How does one develop a passion? For Paul Peart it started early. When the ladies in the family took on the mission to tailor dresses for women a the village in Jamaica, it was Paul who was sent on foot in the blazing sun to buy thread in the store several kilometers away. He felt early on that it pays to do things the right way the first time. There were many tears on both seamstresses and errand boy if the garment was not as ordered and everything has to be done again.

Eventually Paul moved to another village where his grandmother every month competed with the women in the village to have the finest dress in church.

Interest in clothing and style grew and soon he developed his own style which differed from everything else in the village. Some people cling to their principles, Paul clung to his uniqueness. In school he grew to be a rebel as he broke school uniform rules. this led to sanctions and detentions, but at least he was stylish where he sat.


In the 1970`s Paul moved to Scandinavia and began working with his other major passion namely music. As a Dj he toured Norway and soon found a way to to combine his two passions by going along with the trendiest shops in every town and arranging fashion and dance shows.

Over the years he earned a large network of contacts in the fashion world.


Paul Peart embraces a certain timeless kind of passion with knowledge and conviction of great style and quality. A knowledge about materials and tailoring, which guarantee the finest quality  from A-Z by handpicking his team from the manufacturers, tailors, designers who together with teamwork manage every details. This ensure with conviction the passion for timeless style which is perfect for branding.

Paul Peart Brand Release Show 2017

Paul Peart Brand Release Teaser

Paul Peart Shoe

House of Singels

Paul Peart Brand Release 2017

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Mona Lisa House Fashion Show

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The Journey

Paul Peart Torggata 35

Creative Approach



Paul Peart and his team has stepped up with the help of  family and friends to get to that holy grail stage of becoming a affordable luxury BRAND



Design and passion combined with teamwork is essential for  the brand to stay classy and timeless.



On completion of production release is done under motto “MyStyle Your Fit”